Cruising Gay Madrid

Saturday 25 March - 19h

10 EUR



The deal is simple and delicious: fuck as much as you can, how and with whom you want, but make sure you aim well when you cum, because if you bring us your milk and pour it into the trophy cup on the bar (with the shot glasses of plastic that you will find scattered around the bar)... We'll give you a drink or a beer (come on, or a juice or soft drink for those who don't drink)!!!! And if you want to be the lucky Pig, and have the honor of having all the cum collected during the night poured over you, you just have to prove it. We accept straw men to fill the trophy cup.

We start at 19h

to 5h

10 €

Includes: Activity, 2 drinks and wardrobe, if you arrive before 12 noon. Includes: Activity, 1 drink and wardrobe, if you arrive after 12 noon.

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"COME EARLY" OFFER: from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: FREE ENTRY and fresh Águila Beer at €1 (offer limited to the first 15 members to enter).

Clothing Code


from 19h to 02h - Tuesdays

from 19h to 03h - Wednesdays and Thursdays

from 19h to 05h - Fridays and Saturdays

from 18h to 03h - Sundays

and from 7pm to 9pm, from Tuesday to Saturday: Free Entrance and fresh Aguila Beer at only 1 euro !!!!

(offer limited to the first 15 members)


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