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Saturday 3 June - 19h

10 EUR

This Saturday, you had not experienced anything like that. This is not another afternoon of masks.


Spectrum Code is a game of darkness and possession, a night in your shorts, jockstrap, or nude. The rules are clear and are mandatory to participate: we will all be wearing masks and the lighting will be dim so you can unleash your kinks. COLOR CODES Assets: No Pendant Versatile/Passive: luminous pendant on the neck with the following code: - Red pendant, you can be used in any way and without limit - Green pendant, safe sex, but I want to be used to the fullest. - Yellow pendant, always safe sex and I prefer calm/vanilla sex. You can bring your mask, but we will also have them available! :)

We start at 19h

to 5h

10 €

Includes: Activity, 2 drinks and wardrobe, if you arrive before 12 noon. Includes: Activity, 1 drink and wardrobe, if you arrive after 12 noon.

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"COME EARLY" OFFER: from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: FREE ENTRY and fresh Águila Beer at €1 (offer limited to the first 15 members to enter).

Clothing Code

Underwear, Jockstraps or Naked.


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(offer limited to the first 15 members)


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